Reminiscent   of   a   European   chalet,   the   Grand   Aleutian   hotel   offers   a   comfortable refuge   nestled   in   the   rugged   beauty   of   the   Aleutian   Islands.   Located   800   miles southwest   of Anchorage,   you   can   relax   and   enjoy   your   stay   while   revitalizing   your senses   surrounded   by   crystal   waters   and   pristine   mountains.   With   a   variety   of guest   rooms   and   suites   offering   spectacular   views   of   Margaret   Bay,   Ballyhoo Mountain   and   Unalaska   Bay,   the   Grand Aleutian   is   one   of   the   most   unique   hotels in the world. Let’s   be   honest   -   you   came   for   the   King   Crab!   Don’t   miss   the   Seafood   Buffet every    Wednesday    at    6pm    in    the    Chart    Room    from    January    to    November. Reservations are highly recommended - Call today: 907-581-3844.
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Your home in the Aleutians
Grand aleutian Hotel