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Grand Aleutian Hotel

About The Grand

Built    in    1993,    the    Grand    Aleutian    Hotel    is    located    on Amaknak   Island   within   Unalaska   Bay,   a   large   inlet   on   the northeast   of   Unalaska   Island.   Part   of   the   Fox   islands   in   the Bering   Sea,   the   hotel   is   partially   situated   on   the   site   of   the former    U.S.    military    base    Fort    Mears,    in    front    of    scenic Margaret   Bay.   The   history   of   World   War   II   still   lives   on   in   the many    bunkers,    pillboxes    and    quonset    huts    dotting    the surrounding area of the island. We    are    happy    to    provide    complimentary    airport    shuttle service   every   30   minutes,   and   after   you’ve   settled   in,   some distinctive   dining   experiences   await   you   in   the   hotel’s   food and   beverage   outlets:   Margaret   Bay   Café,   The   Chart   Room and     Cape     Cheerful     Lounge.     In     addition,     we     provide complete    conference    services,    making    it    easy    to    plan events,   small   private   parties,   and   large   corporate   meetings, with customized menus and exceptional service. For   the   economy   traveler,   we   offer   25   rooms   at   our   sister property,   the   Harbor   View   Inn.   The   site   of   the   former   U.S. Naval   Base,   the   Inn   is   located   less   than   a   mile   from   the hotel    (accessible    via    our    complimentary    shuttle).    Harbor View    Inn    provides    comfortable    accommodations    and    is conveniently   situated   adjacent   to   our   liquor   store   as   well   as some    of    our    most    popular    food    and    beverage    outlets:      Harbor View Bar and Grill and Harbor Sushi. We   invite   you   to   visit   us   and   be   among   those   rare   few   who have   the   chance   to   experience   Unalaska   and   the   Port   of Dutch    Harbor’s    unique    adventure    opportunities,    such    as hiking,    bird-watching,    halibut    and    salmon    fishing,    beach strolls   and   visits   to   historical   and   cultural   venues.      We   look forward to being of service to you! Attentive Service - Alaskan Seafood - Adventure Awaits You
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